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Guide to the TRAVEL DIARY- The Art of Painting Collection, tips and advices

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In these 148 pages, you will discover reports from all over the world, step-by-step demonstrations and ideas for sketch book so that you too can be an accomplished artist-diarist!
- DISCOVERIES: follow in the footsteps of the greatest artist-diarists as they travel the globe. Discover their world and witness their travels.
- STUDIES: a 148-page guide to help you progress at your own pace, both outdoors and in the studio.
- CONTEMPLATION: a unique portfolio to contemplate the works of the greatest masters of the genre.
- INSPIRATION: 8 pages of sketches to help you find inspiration and create your own travel diaries.

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From charcoal, pencils and pens, to watercolour, gouache and collage. We showcase all the travel diary techniques you could possibly need.

Everlasting impressions and unforgettable images
A travel diary is more a work of art than a narrative. Whether it records a trip to the end of the street or to the other side of the world, it bears witness to the artist’s desire to convey the many wonders of the world. Whether exploring countries that are very different to our own, or observing the gradual disappearance of cultures and ecosystems, the travel journal is as much an inner reflection as a way of sharing our knowledge and experiences with others.
It was with this in mind that we created The Art of Painting, as a way of sharing and passing on knowledge and experiences. This issue sets out to show you works by the genre’s greatest artists and to help you progress at your own pace. From the tumultuous Tokaido corridor to the humidity of the Amazonian jungle and the beaches of the Horn of Africa, expeditions to far off lands will always be a source of enrichment. The resulting travel diary allows you to preserve your memories forever as unforgettable images.
We hope you will enjoy reading this issue!
The Editorial Team

Aleksi Cavaillez, Alice Audebert, Andrea Ambrogio, Gwénaëlle Trolez, Lorenzo Dotti, Armelle Bourgeault, Cecilia Pepper, etc.

How to create successful travel diaries. Advice from the professionals
Delphine Priollaud-Stoclet
Blandine Rimaud-Liard
Alain Marc
Ludivine Allegier

Alain Bellanger and Dominique Mantel: Drawing above all
Alain Bellanger and François Dolambi: Aspiring botanist
Stefano Faravelli and Valentina Piacenza: A passion for nature
Denis Clavreul: A fervent gaze
Pratical guide: An abundance of plants

Bruno Pilorget: Uniting time and action
Anne Le Maître: A narrative mosaic
Patrick Jager: A panoramic immersion
Yann Lesacher, aka Yal: Humorous travel diaries
Bruno Mollière: Artist-Hikers, take up your sketchbooks!52 Pratical guide: A pen sketch outside

Marie Détrée: Maritime explorations and stopovers
Isabelle Corcket and Sonia Privat: Two Moroccan adventures
Pratical guide: A landscape of sand and stone

Étienne Druon: “The green hell”, another vision. Encounters in Nicaragua. A humanist adventurer
Pratical guide: Brigitte Monerie, Street scene in Uruguay

Philippe Delord: ToikaidO
Nicolas Jolivot: China under my skin
Jérémie Bonamant-Téboul and Nathalie Allavena: 6,000 km by bike
Pratical guide: Jayson Yeoh, Accumulate

Françoise Caillette-Deneubourg: A talented philanthropic woman
Stéphanie Ledoux: Travel, travel
Pratical guide: Stéphanie Ledoux, A stay in Vanuatu

Home from the Journey: Sharing the experience
Sonia Privat in Zanzibar
Chien Chung-Wei
Geoffrey Wynne in Morocco

From watercolours to the Internet:
Joseph Stoddard
Federico Gemma
Nina Johansson
Michel Duvoisin
Claire and Reno Marca
Paul Madonna
Rob Carey

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