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The Art of Watercolour n°14 Digital Edition

The 14th Digital Edition of The Art of Watercolour Magazine: artists Susan Harrison-Tustain and Janine Gallizia share their best-kept secrets to enhance and create harmony in your paintings. City landscapes, whether it be Venice…
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The Art of Watercolour 14th issue - Digital Edition
Prix Spécial 4,00 € au lieu de Prix normal 8,00 € -50% -50%
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• 1st edition of the World Watercolour Competition: what’s in store.
• International news: Watercolour events from all over the world.
• Societies around the world: Couleurs d’ailleurs, France.
• Readers’ letters: our answers to your questions!
• Revelations: Hanna Adler (United States), Ferenc Besze (United States), Raghunath Sahoo (India), Brian J. Thompson (Australia).
Sandra Walker, city scenes
Ron Muller, landscapes
Kazuo Kasai, Venice
Stephen Scott Young, portraits
Mark Mehaffey, abstract
David Stickel, hyperrealism
Rose Edin, landscapes
Susans Harrison-Tustain
• Advice from the studio with Rose Edin: color harmonies.
• Chapter 4: the practical use of colour.
• Watercolour lesson: how to optimize your message.
• Know-how with Dmitry Rodzin: a gentle superposed Alla Prima portrait.
• Expert advice: the practical use of colour: how to create colour harmony and balance.

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