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The Art of Watercolour n°10

Introducing the first World Watercolour Competition: applications are officially open!  Plus an insight into the new wave of watercolour artists worldwide. Flip-over a sample

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Introducing The Art of Watercolour’s first World Watercolour Competition, to take place in 2014 in Narbonne, France: applications are officially open!  Plus an insight into the new wave of watercolour artists worldwide. Flip-over a sample

• Societies around the world: The International Watercolor Society (Taiwan) and the Canadian Society of Painters in Water Colour (Canada).
• International news: Watercolour events from all over the world.
• Readers’ letters: our answers to your questions.
• Focus on: the International Watercolour Society Festival in Turkey.

Pierre Chariot, landscapes. “Despite all my travels, I have always been drawn to such unchanging elements as the sky and the trees…”
Richard Bélanger, interior scenes. “If you take a closer look at my work, you’ll see that I am a realist painter who deliberately lets his brush run free.”
Andrew Kish III, figures: “Part of my plan is to draw you into the painting and then make you question what is going on inside the work. It is a very subtle sensory attack.”
• Portfolio: Shanghai Biennial special. 10 new Chinese talents “The Chinese watercolour movement that has just begun to reach our shores is only just beginning.”
Iain Stewart, urban scenes: “My main goal as an artist is not to get caught up in what I should be painting, but rather what I want to be painting.”
Atanur Dogan, portraits: “I am a people person and I can only paint if I emotionally relate to my subject.”
Thierry Duval, Venice scenes: “Painting somewhere which is not a part of my everyday life has caused my creative process to evolve towards
a greater part of imagination and poetry. ”
Eugen Chisnicean, landscapes: “For me contact with nature is of utmost importance because it always is an experiment. There are so many different ways to treat the same subject.”
• Revelations. Discover our selection of noteworthy artists: Dorothy Fraser Boyer, Robert Durand, Juan Carlos Cardesin Gonzales, Alain Masset.

• Know-how: Escoda is a family-run business with decades of commitment to producing quality brushes.
• Watercolour lesson: convey emotion with the right composition.
• Expert advice: discover the 4 watercolour techniques : wet-in-wet, wet-on-dry, dry-on-wet, dry-on-dry.

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