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The Art of Watercolour 23rd issue - Digital Edition

23rd issue Digital Edition of The Art of Watercolour, the art magazine for watercolourists:
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The Art of Watercolour 23rd issue - Digital Edition
Prix Spécial 5,60 € au lieu de Prix normal 8,00 € -30% -30%
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Zoom on… The 4th Biennial Marche d’Acqua Fabriano Watercolour 2016.
International news: Watercolour events from all over the world.
We were there: The 204th RI exhibition in London.
Fly on the wall
Readers’ competition: The winner and runners-up for “from drawing to painting”.
Contact the artists
Meet the artist:
Revelations: Discover our selection of noteworthy artists. Marvin Chew, Sarah Wood
Anna Ivanova, Figures: “The difficult part is to portray movement using the dancers’ positions and the play of light.”  
David and Sean Stickel, Reflections: “I do all I can to assist my kids in their art pursuits.”
Ian Ramsey, Waterscapes and landscapes: “It is important to choose subjects you will enjoy painting.”
Liliane Goossens, Abstract: “My watercolours are a coloured window open on the world as I perceive it.”
Portfolio, Yu Hsui-Lin: “Each face conveys a noble spirit, and I want to praise it with my paintbrushes.”
Gary Akers, Genre scenes: "Egg tempera is ideal to render textures.”
Dario Callo Anco, Landscapes and portraits: “I strive to paint the characteristics of Peruvian populations.”
Jia Li, Portraits and figures: “Underwater, the refraction of light brings an extraordinarily beauty to the figures.”
Elke Memmler, Flowers:    “Colour dissolves the subject, shapes change and all that remains is the artist’s original expression.”
Lars Eje Larsson, Genre scenes: “I work a lot with contrasts and I want to have as many contrasting values as possible in my paintings.”
Alain Page, Architecture: “I thrive on precise details.”
Gabriele Koenigs, Miscellaneous: “I want to honour the person I am painting.”
My latest painting: 8 artists previously featured in your magazine present their latest works.
Know-how: Carl Purcell on simplifying shapes.
My favourite painting: Ross Paterson’s Cridone Creek, evening light.

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Plus d’information
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