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The Art of Watercolour 37th issue - PRINT Edition

Many extraordinary artists from the world over are to be discovered in the latest issue of The Art of Watercolour: Wiliam Rogers, Jansen Chow, Soon Young Warren and Paul Jackson, to name but a few. You will also find an interpretation of the banks of the river Seine by Prafull Sawant, as well as explanations on how to fully understand colours, and unleash your full potential.

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Paul Jackson. An extraordinary artist in every sense of the word, Paul Jackson sees each of his paintings as a challenge.
Revelations: Viktoria Grigorieva and Abey Zoul.
One theme, 3 artists: Carla O’ConnorKonstantin Sterkhov and Carlos Leon Salazar share their points of view on painting the human figure.
Prafull Sawant: Painting the banks of the Seine river with one of today’s great masters.
Julio Jorge: The Portuguese painter likes to paint how time changes the faces of the people he knows.
Jansen Chow portfolio: High in light, and verging on abstraction, Jansen Chow’s watercolours are an ode to colour.
William Rogers: His portraits are both luminous and fluid, drawing on the best qualities of watercolour.
My last painting: Angus McEwan and Franck Hérété.
Thierry de Marichalar: Well known in France, Basque artist Thierry de Marichalar has a passion for outdoor watercolour.
Soon Young Warren: Her works are renowned for their inimitable style, skilfully orchestrated compositions and vibrant colours.
Andrzej Gosik: The Polish artist Andrzej Gosik is a versatile painter capable of working on a variety of subjects.
Galina Gomzina: The Russian artist is fascinated by water and its reflections – which is hardly surprising as watercolour is the ultimate water-based medium.

Zoom on… “Ancient Bridge”, by Tom Schaller
International Watercolour Masters 2020
What’s on: Watercolour events from all over the world.
Readers’ competition: The results of our Winter theme contest.
Readers’ competition winner: Igor Sava
Readers’ competition runner-up: Egle Lipeikaite
Readers’ competition runner-up: Kai-Ting Sung
Technical guide by Janine Gallizia: Priming your potential.
Technical guide by Jacky Pearson: The complexity of colour.
Technical guide: White Nights Watercolours by Russian brand Nevskaya Palitra.
Call for entries

Now that winter is upon us, let it be said that watercolour follows the rhythm of the seasons. After a summer spent outdoors enjoying plein air painting and trying to cope with the difficulties posed by the sun and wind, not forgetting summer’s many art fairs, which are often holiday destinations, watercolour has taken up its winter quarters. The coming months will very likely be devoted to studio work and periods of research and reflection. Like nature, watercolour has cycles and this may be one of the reasons why artists feel such a strong, almost visceral, connection to the medium. It is perhaps also for this reason that watercolourists from all walks of life are usually aware that they are part of an informal, worldwide community that unites them across borders and cultures. You would think that there was little in common between Prafull Sawant’s landscapes painted on the banks of the Seine and Soon Young Warren’s hyper-realistic still lifes, or between Jansen Chow’s almost abstract urban scenes and Thierry de Marichalar’s bucolic French landscapes and yet, driven by their passion for this medium, all of these artists share the belief that watercolour is the most appropriate way to express their artistic passion. Whatever their chosen subject, type of paper or brand of watercolours, these artists from all over the world (present in this issue alongside many others), forge new ties and strengthen existing bonds and contribute to developing this wonderful community. And because of the irresistible desire you feel to pick up your paints and brushes as soon as the opportunity arises, don’t forget you are part of this community too!
Happy reading.

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