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The Art of Watercolour n° 7

Join us on a round the world trip to discover experienced artists: in the 7th issue of The Art of Watercolour… flip over a sample

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Join us on a round the world trip to discover experienced artists: in the 7th issue of The Art of Watercolour: flip over a sample

• Focus: The RWS Contemporary Watercolour Exhibition 2012.
• International news: Watercolour events from all over the world.
• Readers’ letters: our answers to your questions.
• Revelations: discover our selection of noteworthy artists: Georges Artaud and Jeannic Le Voyer.

Yuko Nagayama, still lifes. She likes the stunning beauty of flowers and their vibrant energy, but her works are more complex than they seem.
Paul Jackson, multi-subject. If many artists choose to focus on one theme, Paul Jackson needs the challenge of diversity.
Stephen Quiller, landscapes. During his career, he has developed a colourful art where shapes are merely suggested as opposed to being carefully rendered.
Portfolio: Dmitry Rodzin, portrait and genre scenes. Using his wife and child as models, the Russian artist invites us into a serene and intimate world.
Christopher St. Leger, urban scenes. The inventor of the inverse watercolour technique sets himself free from the rules to render urban scenes where liberty and life prevail.
Marie-Line Montécot, landscapes, still lifes. She shares with us in all simplicity the fruits of her recent thoughts on colour, composition and subject matter.
Lambert van Bommel, still lifes. Rather than paint idyllic landscapes, he prefers to portray discarded objects and rundown houses.
David McEwen, figures and animals. He paints what he sees around him on a day-to-day basis: horses, neighbours and even people in uniform!

• Scottish artist Jean Martin has developed an approach which incorporates different techniques: watercolour, acrylic and collage.
Technical advice: preparing your work for art competitions and choosing the events that best suit your painting.
Watercolour lesson: tips on how to improve your paintings.
What’s on: exhibitions, shows and fairs around the world.

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