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The Art of Watercolour 26th issue - Let's go meet the artists

Our Spring issue focuses on diversity in watercolour: diversity of themes, subjects, of artistic choices and manners. We met artists from all over the world who took time to explain how they work, what inspires them, what they try to convey in their paintings. Richard Chao and his expressive portraits, Christine Porter’s travels across Australia, Dean Mitchell’ humanity, Angus McEwan’s love of textures and detail, Brian Smith’s charming landscapes, Nathan Fowkes’ vibrant colours, Marc Folly’s own favourite painting, Linda Hutchinson’s intimate and subdued works… All of them and many more artists are to be met in The Art o Watercolor no. 26.

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Let’s go meet the artists
This latest magazine definitely fulfils our promise to take our readers to far-flung destinations and show them something different, with an issue that gives pride of place to travelling and discoveries. Read on and set off on a journey that will take you across several continents, starting with Australia. You’ll get to meet no less than three, very different Australian artists: Richard Chao and his sensitive portraits imbued with empathy; Christine Porter who is following in the footsteps of another great Australian artist, Tom Roberts; and finally former architect Malcolm Carver. The trip continues to the United States with a portfolio showcasing the work of Dean Mitchell, whose watercolour portraits reveal the depths of human nature. Then, still in America, we report on Nathan Fowkes and his inspirational work in animation. Back on our side of the Atlantic, after dropping in on the quintessentially British artist Brian Smith, and meeting up with Angus McEwan, who puts our daily life under the microscope, we catch up with some French artists who are no strangers to these pages: Marc Folly and Jean-Louis Thibaut. Finally our regular column, Know-How, puts the spotlight on Lok Kerk-Hwang’s wet-on-wet and wet-on-dry techniques.
The arrival of spring also marks the beginning of the art fair season that is so conducive to discovering artists. There were so many to choose from, but we decided to focus on Caussade watercolour fair, which doesn’t mean you shouldn’t visit as many as possible, meet your favourite artists and even sign up for a workshop with them to perfect your art. Who knows, one day it may be your turn to see your work feature in our magazine?
The editorial team.

Revelations, discover our selection of noteworthy artists: Philippe Lhez, Kathy Bunze, Carole-Anne Almquist, Joan Coch Rey.
My latest painting: 8 artists present their latest works.
Richard Chao: an artist who endeavours to represent the inner world of his models, their feelings and problems.
Christine Porter: travelling across Australia to paint farms despite the constraints of a hot and dry climate.
Angus McEwan talks about why he is drawn to textures and bold colours and details his approach.
Portfolio: Dean Mitchell. Portraits full of humanity that don’t not leave indifferent. The artist talks about his motivation, commitment and passion guided by empathy.
Jean-Louis Thibaut: the beautiful landscapes of Normandy and portraits of his loved ones are the favourite themes of this realistic painter.
Brian Smith: fond both of urban scenes and bucolic landscapes, more often than not, Brian Smith only uses three colours!
Nathan Fowkes: is it because he also works in animation that his watercolours are so expressive and have such vibrant colours?
Ali Sarmadi: almost abstract paintings inspired by his Persian heritage.
Malcolm Carver: detailed watercolours grounded in his training as an architect.
Know-how: Lok Kerk-Hwang, rendering the marks of time.
My favourite painting: Marc Folly and its painting Poterie des frères Not.
Linda Hutchinson: influenced by her everyday surroundings, she paints intimate subjects in subdued neutral colours.

Our readers’ competition: and the winner is…
Fly on the wall: artists’ news on the Internet.
Zoom on: Caussade International art fair 2017.
International news: Watercolour events from all over the world.
We were there… 1st Taiwan World Watercolour Competition and Exhibition
Societies around the world: The National Watercolor Society will celebrate its 100th anniversary in three years’ time.
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