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Landscape Painting: the definitive Guide - Digital Edition

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Save delivery costs with this DIGITAL EDITION: 1st issue Digital Edition of The Art of Painting magazine. You will find 146 pages of advice from 30 of the greatest landscape painters and no less than 500 technical tips that can be directly applied to your practice. Whether you prefer to paint forests, beach scenes or cityscapes, you are sure to find some useful information in ‘The Art of Painting’ that will help you to progress. Grab your pencils and brushes!

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Landscape Painting: the definitive Guide - Digital Edition
Prix Spécial 8,75 € Prix normal 12,50 € -30%
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30 masters share all their painting know-how, with 500 tips and hints: take your painting to the next level

All the basics explained:
- Skies
- Water reflections
- Palettes
- Marine painting
- Colour mixes
- Light and Shadow
- Perspective
- Winter landscapes…

Plein air painting:
- Create eye-catching paintings
- The perfect tools
- From sketch to finished painting

Contemplation and action: the guiding principles of THE ART OF PAINTING.
Undoubtedly one of the earliest subjects - and one that continues to fascinate artists today - landscapes can be found throughout the history of art, and there are as many ways of approaching it as there are artistic sensibilities. For this reason, we wanted to provide you with both a glimpse of the work of the most gifted painters to tackle the subject, and the foundations to enable you, too, to let your imagination loose on canvas or paper.
This inaugural issue of THE ART OF PAINTING will provide you access to a multitude of technical tips and practical advice, bound together in this exclusive 148-page guide.
For some, a reflection of the soul, and for others, an excuse to juxtapose forms, shadows and light, landscape painting obeys certain rules that it would be helpful for you to know... so that you can outgrow and move beyond them! In the Toolbox section, you will find all of the secrets of the great painters; the guide to outdoor painting will ensure that plein air painting holds no more mysteries for you! Finally, the chapter on seascapes will provide you with all the advice you need, given by masters in the genre. In total, there are no less than 450 practical tips in this edition of THE ART OF PAINTING. Of course, all of the different techniques are well-represented: watercolour, oil, acrylic, pastel... Regardless of the technique you prefer, you will find what you need to flourish in landscape painting. And since awe is an essential part of the painting process, we will invite you into the artistic worlds of great modern-day painters: John Walsom, Sergei Tutunov, Kim Lordier, Laurent Parcelier, Jean-Claude Papeix, Guy Gruwier, Peter Thomas and many others will bring you on a journey through their art and invite you to peruse their works.
Contemplation and action are the two guiding principles of this first edition of THE ART OF PAINTING. “Contempl-action” is at the core of the spirit that drives THE ART OF PAINTING!
Happy reading... and happy painting!

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