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2 years Subscription - Digital Edition - The Art of Watercolour magazine

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Discover The Art of Watercolour magazine and enter in a whole world of watercolour in your mailbox for 8 times. You'll Love The Art of Watercolour Magazine If you want to discover the best watercolour artists throughout the world, if you want to learn informative painting tips, if you love hearing et seeing works of art from major artists and if you want to stay up to date with art societies events and the artistic community. The Art of Watercolour magazine is one of the world’s top art magazine titles featuring works of art from major watercolour artists in all styles and also from all over the world (Asia, Europe, Australia, United States…). You will discover in each issue top quality watercolourists enhanced by a magnificent layout and exceptional printing quality.

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Two Years DIGITAL Edition : you will receive next 8 digital issues.
INFORMATION: Click here to check our publication dates to find out when you will get your first issue.

The advantages of digital publishing
• The digital edition arrives directly in your email inbox.
• The digital edition reaches readers earlier than the print edition in newstands.
• The digital edition features the same content as the printed edition.
• The digital edition is cheaper than the printed edition.
• The digital edition is live with clickable link.
• No delivery charges!

Money back guarantee
If during your subscription you change your mind about subscribing for any reason, simply notify us and we’ll give you an instant refund on all unmailed copies - no questions asked.

Why subscribe?
1) Your order will be processed immediately, so that you won’t miss a single copy. 
2) Your subscription cycle starts from the next available issue immediately after we receive your payment. It ends after 8 issues. To ensure there is no interruption, we will send you a Subscription Renewal Advice in good time to enable you to continue receiving every issue of the magazine.

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