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The Art of Watercolour 27th issue - Featuring Joseph Zbukvic, David Bellamy, Pablo Ruben, Andy Evansen…

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This summer, The Art of Watercolour magazine wants to surprise: here are 18 new pages of practical tips that will from now on be part of each issue. Paper, colour, career, exhibition, well-being… everything you need to know about your practice and your art is listed here. A must-read! Also, we’ve had the pleasure to meet with Australian watercolourist Joseph Zbukvic, who celebrates 40 years as a professional artist. His best works are displayed in our Portfolio section. In this issue, you will also meet David Bellamy, Pablo Ruben, Po-An Chen, Andy Evansen, Bob Rudd, Aine Divine, Vickie Nelson, and many more.

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Readers’ competition : More laureates and more advice!
Revelations: Mark Antoni and Marlis Moerker.
Bob Rudd: His semi-abstract and figurative landscapes give pride of place to the use of simple shapes and rich colours.
My favourite painting: Blooming (English rose), by Adisorn Pornsirikan.
Po-An Chen: Gentle portraits of his loved ones in a play of light and shadow.
Pablo Ruben Sanz: He loves to paint ports and industrial wastelands, relying on a strict perspective, vanishing lines and mixed greys.
Wang Shaobo: His large watercolours seek to represent the peaceful life of rural China today.
Portfolio Joseph Zbukvic: As the Australian watercolourist celebrates his 40th year as a professional artist, he gave us an exclusive interview.
Aine Divine: Emotion goes hand in hand with technicality to capture the energy that emanates from her models.
History of watercolour: Pierre-Joseph Redouté, the Raphael of flowers.
Andy Evansen: Simplicity in the choice of subjects, but also a simplification of shapes in order to achieve a certain form of purity.
Joël Bérard: A newcomer to watercolour who has adopted a wet-in-wet technique to lay bare the souls of his models.
Vickie Nelson: The winner of our last Readers’ competition specialises in animal watercolours.

Papers, colours, careers, plein air painting and well-being: 18 pages of essential information to become a consummate artist.
Call for entries: Here is the list of the main upcoming international competitions and all you need to know if you want to apply.
International news: Watercolour events from all over the world.
Fly on the wall: Artists’ news on the Internet.
Societies around the world: The San Diego Watercolor Society
We were there… Katie Graham’s first exhibition in Hong Kong.
Contact the artists In our next issue

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