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The Art of Watercolour n°9 Digital Edition

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The Art of Watercolour 9th issue - Digital Edition
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In this issue:
With this issue that will take us into next year, we are confirming our ambition to explore the ever-wider world of watercolour and show in close-up the most interesting artists of the moment. Flip-over a sample.

• We were there: the 1st Watercolour Biennial in Narbonne, France and the 3rd watercolour show in Nanjing, China.
• International news: Watercolour events from all over the world.
• Readers’ letters: our answers to your questions.
• Focus on: The NWS (US) and the AIA (Italy).
• What’s on. Exhibitions, shows and fairs around the world.
• Revelations: Geoffrey Wynne, Chinmaya Panda, Luis Alberto Norabuena Castro, Ann Balch.

Jerald Silva: figure paintings, genre scenes. “I am not as desirous of making my paintings beautiful as I am of making them interesting.”
Ong Kim Seng: plein air painting. “Painting nature, experiencing the changing light of the day and the glowing colours is my idea of painting.”
• Face to face: Annie Chemin and Fernand Lamy. “Snow reveals hidden qualities and hides defects.” “White happens to be a one of watercolour’s major assets.”
• Portfolio: Joseph Zbukvic. Atmospheric urban scenes. “You need to understand light in order to be able to create the atmosphere you are after.”
Zhou Tianya: portraits. “I like to paint people of all ages and both sexes to express my ideas.”
James Mcfarlane: landscapes. “I am affected by travel in so many ways. Just ‘being’ in foreign countries definitely leaves its mark.”
Pedro Cano: Still lifes. “With watercolour, I can underline the passage from one state to another, from past to present.”
Amanda Hyatt: landscapes. “I only ever do a subject once, I’ll never paint it again. It helps me to remain spontaneous.”
Theo Van Den Broek: monumental self-portraits. “It remains a difficult task, from both a physical and mental point of view.”  

• Expert Advice: How to be the composer of your own paintings. Chapter 1: technique (part 1).
• Practical guide: Australian artist Amanda Hyatt depicts a typical village in the South of France.
• Watercolour lesson: why your paintings may be rejected by shows and competitions.

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