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Light and Matter - Reine-Marie Pinchon

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Having a scientific background, Reine-Marie Pinchon offers the reader a double view on nature - scientific and poetic. Through a subtle blend of pigments playing in the water, she manages to capture all the nuances in our universe with a dream like perspective.
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Pays de fabrication
Référence 8619-2167
Auteur ou artiste Reine-Marie Pinchon
Nombre de pages 144
Format 21.5 x 28
Éditeur Reine-Marie Pinchon
Code barre 9782953871166
Description du produit

Reine-Marie Pinchon shows how her research has developed over the years in a figurative way, bordering on the abstract. The themes dealt with (trees, snow, water), have been condensed to show her strengthened techniques and advanced research on the interaction between light and matter. Her works are linked to text, poems, and quotes from painters and philosophers, abstract writings which have fascinated her for a long time as an artist. Before having an overall view of her work as an artist, please note, that this is a second book. The first one entitled “Eaux et saisons” (Water and seasons - French copy only), a selection of paintings, commented by Hélène
Toutain. The chronological presentation of Reine-Marie Pinchon’s works in the first book, shows how her themes have evolved throughout her artistic career.
Matter reveals light Light reveals matter

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