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The Art of Watercolour 22nd issue

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Landscape, abstraction, human figure and portrait: our spring issue present you with a dozen artists who all tackle theses themes. Whereas Julian Bruere, Isabelle Corcket, Leo Kaplan and Yann Lesacher travel the world or their own city or country, rendering in their own manner the shapes and colors of the landscapes they encounter, Nicole B and Somsak Chowtadapong chose abstraction to share their vision of the world. Tejo van Den Broeck and Janine Gallizia explain how and why portraits have their favor, and Andrei Zadorine presents us with human figures directly inspired by his childhood memories. This issue also features Ken Goldman, Jean-Luc Mossion and Charles Rouse.
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Zoom on… The first Biennale internationale d’Île-de-France, France.
International news: Watercolour events from all over the world.
We were there: The first Biennial of the IWS India.
Watercolour societies around the world: The Australian Watercolour Institute
Revelations: discover our selection of noteworthy artists.
Fly on the wall
My latest painting: 8 artists previously featured in your magazine present their latest works.
My favourite painting: Elena Bazanova’s End of Winter - Apples.
Readers’ competition: The winner and runners-up for best portrait.

Meet the artist:
Julian Bruere, Outdoor painting: “It is stimulating to be outside and up against it! You see real things and meet odd people.”  
Leo Kaplan, Landscapes: “When I paint I feel as if I am standing in the middle of the flow of time, observing myself at the same time.”
Ken Goldman, Miscellaneous: “Using various mediums in differing ways allows me to express my ideas in a unique way.”
Nicole B.,    Abstract. “Trying to see the abstract shapes that lie beyond the subject and the dominant colour.”  
Portfolio Andrei Zadorine: “Watercolour is only used for the sketches. However, there are some exceptions.”
Isabelle Corcket, Urban scenes: “Café terraces, rooftops, and the simple pleasures of existence are my favourite subjects.”
Jean-Luc Mossion, Landscapes: “For me, painting from life is essential because you are in direct contact with the light.”
Somsak Chowtadapong, Abstract: “Serendipity has made my paintings come to life and prevents them from appearing too perfect.”
Yann Lesacher, Travel Log: “How I spent 5 long hours in custody” and other stories…
Charles Rouse, Cityscapes: “The complexity, vitality and grittiness of cityscapes is a huge draw.”
Tejo Van Den Broeck, Self-portrait: “You can use a self-portrait to convey any idea or message you want.”

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