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The Art of Watercolour 18th issue Digital Edition

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The 18th Digital Edition of The Art of Watercolour Magazine
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The Art of Watercolour 18th issue - Digital Edition
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In this issue:
Zoom on… the 4th Biennial in Saint-Cyr-sur-Mer, France.
International news: watercolour events from all over the world.
We were there: the Masters of Watercolor in Russia.
Watercolour societies: the German Watercolour society.
Revelations: discover our selection of noteworthy artists.
My last painting: 8 artists previously featured in your magazine present their latest work.
History of watercolour: the Gustave Moreau Museum in Paris.
My favourite painting: Andrew Kish and the watercolour he is most proud of.

Stanislaw Zoladz, snow landscapes: “The most common mistake in painting snow is painting it too clear and strong, with too few shades.”
Carlos Leon Salazar, figures: “I believe that it’s always better when there is a close link between the painter and the subject.”
Georges Artaud, details of landscape: “Each work must have the same level of intensity from start to finish, an identical attention to detail.”
Andrzej Gosik,    architecture: “As an architect, I feel naturally drawn to and enjoy painting architectural subjects.”
Portfolio Guan Weixing, portraits: “When portraits are full of life, when they communicate with your soul, then I am satisfied.”
Darryl Steele, birds: “Emotion in birds is expressed in their posture and expression and that is my focus when I paint them.”
Eban, abstract: “A painter should try and constantly surpass himself and aim for something greater than him as a person.”
Special feature: Spanish watercolour. The works of Patricia Castelao, Francisco CastroCarlos Espiga and Nono Garcia.
Ng Woon Lam, urban scenes: “Working outdoors is a wonderful way of developing a whole new visual language.”
Chris Robinson, landscapes: “The sky is the generator for me. The sky will affect the light, and the light will affect the landscape.”

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