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The Art of Watercolour 16th issue Digital Edition

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The 16th Digital Edition of The Art of Watercolour Magazine
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The Art of Watercolour 16th issue - Digital Edition
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In this issue:
Focus on The European Confederation of Watercolour Societies annual symposium in Cordoba.
International news: Watercolour events from all over the world.
Watercolour around the world: Watercolor West, United States.
We were there: The World Watermedia Exhibition, Thailand.
Revelations: discover our selection of noteworthy artists.
Meet the Artists:
Lok Kerk Hwang, still Lifes. “I am intrigued by unwanted and neglected objects. They are something very real that everybody has seen in real life.”
Peto Poghosyan, urban scenes: “The use of signs, billboards and cars is not an end in itself. I emphasise one element or another to describe an atmosphere and tell a story.”
Nicholas Phillips, interior scenes: “The creative part of my work lies in setting up the photo shoot: how to configure the moment that will be depicted in the painting.”
Peter Jablokow, objects: “I’m always on the lookout for a strong light source with crisp shadows and, hopefully, dappled light over all the messy machine parts.”
Joe Dowden, landscapes: “I probably work less on mood than most other painters, and more on light and visual impact. ”
Linda Doll, figures: “Body language and the story it tells have always fascinated me. ”
Marie-Christine Alunni and Bernard Lemayeur, landscapes: “We painted our watercolours following our inspiration as we happened on different locations during our walks.”
David Lobenberg, self-portrait: “I use whatever method it takes to create an exciting portrait!”

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