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The Art of Watercolour One Year Subscription
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Discover The Art of Watercolour, one of the top Europe's leading watercolour magazine and get inspired with a year's subscription (4 issues). How to subscribe? Read our tips

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More than 100 pages per issue featuring leading watercolour artists, technical advice, new ideas, art fairs and events worldwide. Inside every issue you will discover:
• An exclusive portfolio from a major international watercolour artist.
• Face to face encounters with watercolour artists worldwide.
• Step by step painting instructions.
• Tips and technical advice from your favourite artists.
• In depth answers to your questions from our panel of professional artists and art critics.
• The most reliable information straight from the manufacturers on watercolour materials.
• And much, much more…

INFORMATION: Click here to check our publication dates to find out when you will get your first issue.

Why subscribe?
Read our tips
The Art of Watercolour magazine is available by subscription so that you won’t miss a single issue. Your subscription period starts from the next available issue immediately after receipt of payment. It ends after 4 issues. Our quarterly ­magazine is published in: March, June, September and December of each year.
• YOUR MAGAZINE IS DELIVERED TO YOUR DOOR Your subscription makes sure you don’t miss a single issue and also ensures each edition is delivered directly to your door as soon as the magazine is released.
• SUBSCRIPTION RENEWALS To ensure there is no interruption to your subscription, we will send you a subscription renewal notice in good time.
• CHANGE OF ADDRESS To make sure you receive all 4 issues, please notify us well in advance should there be any ­modifications to your postal ­address.

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